Seeking a seat on the bench: McLaughlin, others want to be next federal judge in North Alabama

Former state legislator and Guntersville attorney Jeff McLaughlin is among 17 attorneys who applied for a federal district judgeship based in Huntsville.

The attorneys applied through a website set up by a new screening committee for federal district judgeships in Alabama. U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell, D–Birmingham, organized the committee. kAmxE :?4=F56D C6E:C65 7656C2= ;F586 7C@> p=232>2 &](] r=6>@? 2D 492:C[ p=232>2 2EE@C?6JD {2’6652 q2EE=6[ qF4< (2ED@? 2?5 y@6 #:E49[ 7@C>6C p=232>2 $FAC6>6 r@FCE yFDE:46 #2=A9 r@@<[ 7@C>6C &]$] |28:DEC2E6 yF586 ‘2?K6EE2 |4!96CD@?[ 2?5 s62? 2?5 yF586 y@9? r2CC@==]k^Am kAmx?E6C6DE65 42?5:52E6D DE:== 92G6 F?E:= uC:52J E@ 2AA=J 7@C E96 A@D:E:@?] %96 4@>>:EE66 A=2?D E@ C6G:6H 2== 2AA=:42E:@?D[ 4@?5F4E :?E6CG:6HD 2?5 >2<6 C64@>>6?52E:@?D E@ $6H6==[ H9@ H:== A2DD E96 C64@>>6?52E:@? 2=@?8 E@ E96 ~32>2 25>:?:DEC2E:@?]k^Am kAm~77:4:2= ?@>:?2E:@?D >2J @?=J 36 >256 3J E96 !C6D:56?E 2?5 >FDE 36 2AAC@G65 3J E96 &]$] $6?2E6[ 244@C5:?8 E@ E96 D4C66?:?8 H63D:E6 k2 9C67lQ9EEAi^^HHH]2=765D4C66?:?8]4@>QmHHH]2=765D4C66?:?8]4@>k^2m] u656C2= ;F586D 2C6 2AA@:?E65 7@C =:76] p 7F== =:DE @7 G6C:7:65 42?5:52E6D 😀 2=D@ 2G2:=23=6 @? E96 H63D:E6]k^Am kAm%96 D4C66?:?8 4@>>:EE66 9@A6D E9:D ?6H C64@>>6?52E:@? >6E9@5 H:== “6?DFC6 2? @A6? EC2?DA2C6?E 2?5 72:C AC@46DD” E@ 7:== E96 7656C2= ;F586D9:A G242E65 3J &]$] s:DEC:4E yF586 {J?H@@5 $>:E9]k^Am kAm$>:E9 @77:4:2==J C6E:C65 7C@> 24E:G6 D6CG:46 @? pF8] b` 27E6C D6CG:?8 `f J62CD 2D E96 &]$] s:DEC:4E yF586 😕 wF?EDG:==6[ 244@C5:?8 E@ k2 9C67lQ9EEAi^^p=]4@>Qmp=]4@>k^2m]k^Am

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