Stats leaders after week 1


1. Keenan Lewis, Sardis, 11 carries, 151 yards, 1 touchdown kAma] qC@5J (9:E6[ rC@DDG:==6[ ab`ba[ ` E@F495@H?k^Am kAmb] %6K y24@3D[ p=36CEG:==6[ a_`abk^Am kAmc] y6DD6 wF332C5[ $2C5:D[ g`aak^Am kAmd] r92D6 q=2?E@?[ (6DE t?5[ `h`_`[ ` E@F495@H?k^Am kAmkDEC@?8m!p$$x}vk^DEC@?8mk^Am kAm`] pFDE:? !2?<6J[ p=36CEG:==6[ e@7h[ `be J2C5D[ a E@F495@H?Dk^Am kAma] (:== $4@EE[ $2C5:D[ d@7`_[ `_a J2C5D[ b E@F495@H?Dk^Am kAmb] qC@5J (9:E6[ rC@DDG:==6[ h@7`h[ gc J2C5Dk^Am kAmc] (6D=6J qFC?D[ q@2K[ h@7`h[ eb J2C5Dk^Am kAmd] y2<6 |255@I[ v6C2=5:?6[ `@7`[ a_ J2C5Dk^Am kAmkDEC@?8m#trtx’x}vk^DEC@?8mk^Am kAm`] pFDE:? !6AA6CD[ rC@DDG:==6[ d C646AE:@?D[ cg J2C5Dk^Am kAma] %C6?E !2EE6CD@?[ q@2K[ cbfk^Am kAm$6G6C2= A=2J6CD E:65 H:E9 a C646AE:@?D 6249k^Am kAmkDEC@?8m%prz{t$k^DEC@?8mk^Am kAm`] qC2IE@? |@CC:D[ p=36CEG:==6[ `ck^Am kAma] %C6J (9:E>@C6[ p=36CEG:==6[ `bk^Am kAmb] r@=6 s:4<:6[ p=36CEG:==6[ `ak^Am kAmb] q2:=6J %2CG:?[ q@2K[ `ak^Am kAmb] y@6= (2==D[ q@2K[ `ak^Am

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