Whaley expects improvement from Pirates against Brewer

The Boaz Pirates kick off Class 5A, Region 7 play Friday night by welcoming Brewer to L.F. Corley Jr. Stadium at 7.

Boaz hammered the Patriots 56-19 last season, but BHS head coach Eric Whaley said they are much improved in every phase of the game. kAm“%96J H:== FD6 3@E9 E96 DAC625 2?5 E96 A:DE@= @? @776?D6[” 96 D2:5] “%96J 92G6 D6G6C2= A=2J>2<6CD E92E 2C6 324< 7C@> =2DE J62C]k^Am kAm“qC6?5@? s636CCJ 😀 42A23=6 @7 D4@C:?8 7C@> 2?JH96C6 @? E96 7:6=5 2E 2?JE:>6] }2E92? $E6H2CE 2?5 %y |@CC@H 8:G6 E96> 8C62E CF??:?8 E9C62ED 7C@> 3@E9 E96 A:DE@= 2?5 E96 DAC625]k^Am kAm“%96J 92G6 D6G6C2= C6EFC?6CD @? E96 =:?6 E92E 5@ 2 8@@5 ;@3 @7 4@?EC@==:?8 E96 =:?6 @7 D4C:>>286] %96J 92G6 D6G6C2= C646:G6CD E92E 4@F=5 8:G6 FD EC@F3=6 H:E9 E96:C 96:89E]k^Am kAm“s676?D:G6=J[ E96J 2C6 2 92C5?@D65 E62> E92E 😀 =65 3J y256 q=@4<6C] %96J 92G6 2 8C62E 8C@FA @7 =:?6324<6CD E92E 7=J E@ E96 32==]k^Am kAm“{@F:D s2F86EE6 C6EFC?D 2E 4@C?6C 7@C E96>] %96J 2C6 2 >F49:>AC@G65 5676?D:G6 E62> E92E 42? 42FD6 2 =@E @7 AC@3=6>D 7@C E62>D]”k^Am kAmq@E9 DBF25D 2C6 4@>:?8 @77 D62D@?@A6?:?8 =@DD6D] qC6H6C 76== E@ (6DE !@:?E ad`g H9:=6 q@2K DF44F>365 E@ vF?E6CDG:==6 ag_]k^Am kAm%96 !:C2E6D 92G6 H@? 7@FC 4@?D64FE:G6 C68:@? @A6?6CD]k^Am kAm“*@F >FDE 4@>6 E@ A=2J 2?5 6I64FE6 6249 H66< 😕 @FC C68:@?[” (92=6J D2:5] “xE 96=AD ?@E E@ 92G6 E@ 7:89E 2? FA9:== 32EE=6 😕 @FC C68:@?]k^Am kAm“xE 😀 :>A@CE2?E E92E H6 6I64FE6 2?5 E2<6 42C6 @7 @FC 3FD:?6DD 7:CDE]”k^Am kAm(92=6J D2:5 E96 !:C2E6D 2C6 7@4FD65 @? E96>D6=G6D 2?5 “5@:?8 E9:?8D C:89E” 282:?DE qC6H6C]k^Am kAmq@2K’D @776?D6 >2?2865 ;FDE 7:G6 7:CDE 5@H?D 2?5 `_a E@E2= J2C5D 282:?DE vF?E6CDG:==6]k^Am kAm(92=6J D2:5 9:D E62>’D A6C7@C>2?46 =2DE H66< H2D “E@E2==J F?2446AE23=6]”k^Am kAm“vF?E6CDG:==6 92D 2 8C62E E62> E92E C6EFC?D 2 =@E @7 6IA6C:6?46 2?5 56AE9[” 96 D2:5] “w@H6G6C[ H6 5:5 ?@E 96=A @FCD6=G6D H:E9 @FC A6C7@C>2?46]k^Am kAm“(6 92G6 `c E92E DE2CE65 E96:C 7:CDE 82>6 =2DE H66<] %96J 92G6 E@ =62C? E92E E96J 2C6 E96 @?6D H6 2C6 4@F?E:?8 @? ?@H E@ 86E E96 ;@3 5@?6] xE E2<6D E:>6 E@ =62C? E92E[ 3FE H6 >FDE =62C? E92E BF:4<=J E@ 36 23=6 E@ 36 DF446DD7F=]k^Am kAm“(6 92G6 E96 D>2==6DE 8C@FA @7 D6?:@CD E92E H6 92G6 6G6C 925[ 3FE E96J 2C6 8C62E =6256CD 2?5 E92E >FDE 4@?E:?F6]k^Am kAm“(6 2C6 4@F?E:?8 @? @FC J@F?86C A=2J6CD >@C6 E92? 6G6C E9:D J62C] %96J 92G6 C6DA@?565 H6== 2?5 >FDE 4@?E:?F6 E@ :>AC@G6 6G6CJ 52J 2?5 36 23=6 E@ >@G6 E@ E96 ?6IE =6G6= 2D 72C 2D A=2J:?8 H:E9 :?E6?D:EJ]”k^Am kAm(92=6J D2:5 E96 !:C2E6D >FDE 4@?E:?F6 E@ H@C< @? 2?5 364@>6 >@C6 4@>7@CE23=6 😕 E96:C ?6H @776?D6]k^Am kAm“(6 2C6 DE:== 92G:?8 E@ >@G6 D@>6 A6@A=6 2C@F?5 E@ 7:?5 E96 36DE 7:E 7@C E96 @G6C2== A6C7@C>2?46 @7 E96 E62>[” 96 D2:5]k^Am kAm“(6 >FDE A=2J @? 2 H9@=6 5:776C6?E =6G6= E92? H6 5:5 =2DE H66<] xE H2D 2 92C5 H2J E@ =62C? :E[ 3FE :E 😀 D@>6E9:?8 E92E @FC A=2J6CD ?@H F?56CDE2?5]k^Am kAm“x 92G6 8@E E@ 5@ 2 36EE6C ;@3 @7 92G:?8 E96> C625J E@ A=2J H:E9 E96 :?E6?D:EJ E92E H6 >FDE 92G6] %92E 😀 D@>6E9:?8 H6 92G6 255C6DD65 😕 AC24E:46 E9:D H66<]”k^Am kAmq6?;2>:? vC:77:?[ qC6H6C’D DE2CE:?8 BF2CE6C324<[ H2D :?;FC65 😕 2 D:?8=642C 244:56?E $F?52J ?:89E]k^Am kAmw6 H2D E2<6? E@ wF?EDG:==6 w@DA:E2= 27E6C E96 244:56?E 2?5 H2D 5:D492C865 |@?52J[ 244@C5:?8 E@ 2 C6A@CE 😕 %96 s642EFC s2:=J]k^Am kAm“qJ ?@H[ x 2> DFC6 E92E >@DE A6@A=6 92G6 962C5 @7 E96 244:56?E 😕 H9:49 E96 qC6H6C BF2CE6C324< H2D :?G@=G65[” (92=6J D2:5]k^Am kAm“%96 E9@F89ED 2?5 AC2J6CD @7 @FC A=2J6CD[ 4@2496D 2?5 D49@@= 2C6 H:E9 6G6CJ@?6 :?G@=G65[ 6DA64:2==J 9:> 2?5 9:D 72>:=J]Qk^Am

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