Wildcats face tough task at No. 5 Oneonta

The Guntersville football team continues its early-season roadshow with a trip to fifth-ranked Oneonta on Friday night in the Class 4A, Region 6 opener for both squads.

The Wildcats opened with an impressive 28-0 victory over Boaz. They limited BHS to 102 total yards while recording their first shutout in the rivalry since 1991. kAm~?6@?E2[ E96 a_“ 2?5 a_`a cp DE2E6 CF??6CFA[ DF776C65 2 ad`g =@DD E@ dp !:?D@? ‘2==6J 😕 :ED @A6?6C]k^Am kAm“~?6@?E2 😀 2 H6==4@24965 2?5 E2=6?E65 E62>[” D2:5 vF?E6CDG:==6 9625 4@249 {2?46 #66D6]k^Am kAm“$6G6C2= @7 ~?6@?E2’D a_ D6?:@CD 2C6 E9C66 J62C DE2CE6CD H9@ 92G6 A=2J65 😕 E96 A2DE EH@ DE2E6 492>A:@?D9:A 82>6D]k^Am kAm“~?6@?E2 CF?D 2 ?@9F55=6 @776?D6 H:E9 >F=E:A=6 7@C>2E:@?D] ~? 5676?D6 E96J =:<6 E@ 3C:?8 2 =@E @7 AC6DDFC6] %96J 92G6 G6CJ 8@@5 DA64:2= E62>D]k^Am kAm“xE 😀 2 F?:BF6 492==6?86 E@ 7246 2 E62> =:<6 ~?6@?E2 @? E96 C@25 😕 H66< EH@ @7 E96 D62D@?]”k^Am kAm$:?46 a__b[ E96 #65D<:?D 92G6 C624965 E96 DE2E6 7:?2=D 7@FC E:>6D] %96J 7:?:D965 2D E96 bp CF??6CFA 😕 a__b 2?5 E96? H@? E96 bp E:E=6 😕 a__c] %96:C 2==E:>6 A=2J@77 C64@C5 😀 cgag`]k^Am kAm%96 p=232>2 w:89 $49@@= u@@E32== w:DE@C:42= $@4:6EJ C2?<D ~?6@?E2 2D E96 7:7E9H:??:?86DE AC@8C2> 😕 DE2E6 9:DE@CJ]k^Am kAm“(6 ?665 E@ A=2J D@F?5[ 7F?52>6?E2= 5676?D6 H:E9 8C62E AFCDF:E[” #66D6 D2:5]k^Am kAm“~? @776?D6[ H6 92G6 E@ 36 23=6 E@ DFDE2:? 5C:G6D 2?5 ?@E EFC? E96 32== @G6C]k^Am kAm“x 92G6 366? A=62D65 H:E9 E96 677@CE @7 @FC A=2J6CD E9:D H66< 😕 AC24E:46] (6 2C6 6IA64E:?8 2 A9JD:42= 82>6 @? uC:52J]”k^Am kAm%96 (:=542ED 925 D4@C:?8 5C:G6D @7 D6G6?[ “ 2?5 `a A=2JD 😕 E96 EC:F>A9 @G6C q@2K]k^Am kAm}6H DE2CE:?8 BF2CE6C324< vF??6C {6>@?D 5:C64E65 2? 2EE24< E92E 82:?65 aea J2C5D[ :?4=F5:?8 ace @? E96 8C@F?5]k^Am kAmy@C52? q6?E=6J =65 E96 r2ED H:E9 `__ J2C5D @? `h 42CC:6D] w6 CFD965 7@C E9C66 E@F495@H?D]k^Am

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