September’s Giving Your Best

Kevin Isaacson and Kaylee Parks Manly, IA

MANLY, Iowa – The Manly Heat Softball group of girls is known for their hard work ethic both on and off the field and they always try to “Win the Day”.

But they wouldn’t have that hard-working mindset if it wasn’t for their Coach Kevin Isaacson.

“I really don’t know what to say, these girls always seem to catch me off guard,” said Isaacson.

Isaacson’s been coaching the Manly Heat Softball traveling team for more than 10 years now, and says it’s never been about receiving recognition.

“Just seeing the kids learn and when that light bulb clicks on that they’ve learned something new that they can carry on both on the field and off the field. Because it’s not just about softball it’s about life,” said Isaacson.

And that lesson seems to be sinking in.

“Because he tells us to win the day all the time not just in softball but he tells us to do it all around in class, environment, and community,” said Kaylee Parks.

Parks has nominated her coach several times, for several reasons

One thing that stands out is that he always pushes the motto “to Win the Day.”

And he encourages the team to love others like they would want to be loved.

“How to play softball but just not to play softball but to be nice to everybody, love everybody on your team,” said Parks.

For Isaacson, he hopes those he’s coached, will take these skills and lessons past the dugout.

“Just to give back to the community to give back to the kids, that’s our future and the biggest recognition that I have as if anyone of these goes on to couch that’s the biggest reward I could ever have,” said Isaacson.

He isn’t just busy with the softball team; he is also the Mayor of Manly and coach’s football, as well as other sports.

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