UMR sees largest freshman class ever

UMR freshman class

ROCHESTER, Minn. — As an area city continues to grow, so does a new college inside it.

The University of Minnesota Rochester was founded in 2006 and had its first graduating class last spring.

The school focuses on health sciences and biomedical education and this fall they are taking one more step in the right direction.

The nearly 180 freshman marks the largest first-year class they have ever had, but for some freshman it is still way smaller than other universities.

“There’s like 5000 freshman students typically, where at UMR we have 200, or I think 180 in our freshman class so you really get that one on one with the professor,” said UMR student Glen Morris.

Other incoming first year students are also glad to be a part of it.

“It was so focused on health sciences that I thought that sounds like a good place for me to be, where they’re driven and determined to be able to finish something like this and I needed that push,” said UMR student Haley Heintz.

The total enrollment at UMR is now around 750 students. They say their diversity is growing as well with about 20 percent of students identifying as minorities.

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