President to address the nation on Syria situation

KIMT News 3

 President Obama is home from the G-20 summit in Russia, but he won’t have much time to rest up. He’s planning to address the American people  to try to get support for a US military strike on Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack last month.

But President Obama is running into road blocks as he tries to gain support for a strike on Syria. At the G-20 summit, he worked to win the approval of international leaders.

“What the G-20 summit allows is for the President to do a little bit of gentle arm twisting, of cajoling, to maybe see if he can persuade them to, if they’re not going to get directly involved, provide some other type of support,” said local political analyst Dr. Eric Shoars.

As he returns to the United States, the President is also facing a deep divide.

“He drew a line in the sand, saying that if this line is crossed, the US would take action. That line has been passed and then some, but the American people and the Congress aren’t onboard with us taking action,” Dr. Shoars said.

President Obama plans to address the nation on Tuesday in another attempt to drum up support for a strike.

“He has said very plainly in many speeches that if Congress isn’t going to act then he will as a matter of an executive order. You can do that and take that sort of a position when you’re dealing with the country, you can’t necessarily take that position when you are dealing with an international stage,” said Dr. Shoars.

Dr. Shoars said this puts the President in a tricky position.

“Now when he looks at an international stage that has said we’re not getting involved with this, he now has to turn back after being critical of Congress to try to gain that support,” said Dr. Shoars.

The President said he’s not sure he can convince a majority of Americans that a military strike is the right move. But he said it’s still up to members of Congress to decide.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he thinks there will be 60 votes in the Senate in favor of a resolution authorizing President Obama to carry out a military strike against Syria. Recent surveys show a significant number of House Republicans and Democrats are opposed to military action  or leaning against it.

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