The nation’s weather

Weather Underground Forecast for Saturday, September 07, 2013.

A very slow moving cold front will make its way out of the Pacific Northwest and into the northern Rockies on Saturday, advancing a very wet system towards the northern Plains. Cold air is expected to make its way into the Pacific Northwest preceding this wet, low pressure system. Temperatures will continue to remain warm for a greater portion of the Midwest, while warmer, drier weather will transition into the Northeast and Southeast on Saturday.

As this strong low pressure system makes its way into the northern Rockies on Saturday, flash flooding and severe thunderstorms will impact the region as a result of interactions between the storm system and elevated terrain. Being that this storm has been moving so slowly, precipitation totals will range anywhere from 1-3 inches along the western slopes of the northern Rockies. Potential for hail will also be present in the afternoon hours as severe thunderstorms are expected to impact the region. The northern Plains will start to feel the effects of this storm towards the later portion of Saturday as the wet weather moves into the region.

Drier, warmer weather will makes its way into the Southeast on Saturday as a cold front moves off the Atlantic Coast. A chance for showers and spotty thunderstorms will remain present along the Gulf Coast and near the Florida panhandle. Temperatures will remain mild in the Northeast after a significant drop in temperatures occurred on Friday. As high pressure builds in the Northeast, expect temperatures to rise several degrees through Saturday.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Friday have ranged from a morning low of 26 degrees at Mt. Washington, N.H. to a high of 105 degrees at Thermal, Calif.

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