Video interviews reviewed in Adams trial


MASON CITY, Iowa – Hours of video evidence were logged for this case and while it may have been a long process, it gives jurors a clear look at Kenneth Adams the day of Owen’s death.

After a slew of witness testimony on Wednesday, today’s evidence features only the testimony of Kenneth Adams the day of his son’s death.

In the more than eight hours of interview footage captured by the Division of Criminal Investigation, Kenneth Adams explains what happened the day his son had a temper tantrum.

He says that while Owen did hit him during that outburst, it didn’t make him angry enough to do anything against the toddler.

“Not enough upset to where if it was a normal person that I would hit them, but enough upset that I wasn’t going to let it happen again. I was angry but I wasn’t outright ‘I’m going to make you pay for it’,” said Kenneth Adams in an interview conducted back in October.

Later, using a model of a small child, Adams shows investigators how he tries to calm Owen down after the temper tantrum.

Adams says he was rubbing his son’s back and that it would not have been an issue if his son wasn’t crying into the couch pillow.

“I didn’t want him to sleep with his face in the pillow, because I don’t care if he sleeps on his stomach, he doesn’t sleep with pillows. I didn’t want him to sleep with his face down in the pillow. I didn’t want him to have a problem,” said Adams.

In the interview, Adams expresses concerns for the future of his family after the toddler’s death and for the role he may have played in the tragedy.

“It happened while I was upstairs. How can you not see it? Why didn’t you check on your son? Something should have been done. There’s no reason for this to happen. No reason for this,” said Adams.

Jurors will finish watching the remaining video evidence on Monday.

Also, we’re expecting to the defense to start calling their witnesses to the stand.

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