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Weather Underground Forecast for Thursday, September 12, 2013.

A cold front will begin to sweep through parts of the northern Midwest and the Northeast on Thursday, bringing a relief from warm, humid conditions. Humidity and warm weather will continue to linger throughout the central Midwest and the Southeast, while thunderstorms will bring wet conditions to the Great Basin and parts of the Southwest.

A moderately strong cold front will begin to move through the Great Lakes and northeast Plains on Thursday, producing relatively strong thunderstorms and drawing cold air from Canada into the states. There will be about a 5 to 10 degree drop in temperatures on Thursday associated with this cold front as it moves into the Northeast. Parts of the Northeast will also experience strong to severe thunderstorms as this system begins continues to track northeastward on Thursday. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Gabriella will continue spinning several hundred miles off of East Coast, but may cause increased wave heights along the New England coast through Thursday evening.

Parts of the central Midwest and Southeast may experience spotty showers and thunderstorms on Thursday, although the majority of the region can expect plenty of humidity and warm temperatures throughout the day.

Utah, New Mexico,and Colorado will experience more showers and thunderstorms on Thursday, adding on to what has been a very wet week for the region. Mountainous regions, as well as adjacent valleys in the Great Basin, can expect flash floods as grounds have been more than saturated for the past several days. Meanwhile, the Southwest may also experience some afternoon Thunderstorms through Thursday, while the remainder of the West Coast will stay warm and dry.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Wednesday have ranged from a morning low of 30 degrees at Stanley, Idaho to a high of 100 degrees at Hugo, Okla.

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