Who wants to be a Mayor?


PLYMOUTH, Iowa – One north Iowa town is asking its residents, one simple but important question, who wants to be mayor?

Plymouth is holding elections this coming November but with low turnouts for the council positions including mayor, the town is looking to generate a buzz beforehand.

While the process is not new for the town, the number of positions that will be vacant are.

Those in city hall say it’s a great way to get the town involved and they urge residents to make their voices heard if they want to see changes.

“The first one there wasn’t too much of a turn-out. Our Mayor was a write-in vote which is a rare occurrence but I just try to get the word out there. If people want change, this is the way to do it and they need to be aware that elections are coming up and that they can apply for these positions,” said Alicia Fischer, City Clerk with the city of Plymouth.

Those looking to add their names to the ballot can stop by City Hall and grab the proper paperwork.

The deadline for nominations is September 19th.

“Our Mayor position is a two-year seat so it’s up on every election and then it just happens to be that we had three council positions open that are on four-year terms. So in two more years we’ll have two council positions open,” said Fischer.

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