Cemetery maintenance concerning plot owners


CHARLES CITY, IA – A woman from has some growing concerns about the work being down around her family’s grave site at Riverside Cemetery.

Plots that families have purchased for their loved ones are marked out and separated from other grave sites by concrete slabs

When the concrete is being put in place it can sometimes splash onto the surrounding areas including headstones

Sally Bunston was one person affected by the messy concrete and she is starting to get concerned about what these concrete spots will do for her mother’s headstone in the long run.

“The price of this stone is more than $4,000 and a good share of that is the high gloss finish to prevent lichens from growing and if you scratch it the lichens get their roots in and it grows,” Bunston said.

Bunston said it took her and her sister over two hours to clean their headstone and remove all of spots but also said that they noticed a lot of scratches on the finish.

“Well of course it scratched,” Bunston said. “You throw concrete and it’s, everything in concrete is abrasive so just the act of it hitting the stone is going to scratch as it adheres.”

No one from the cemetery had a comment on what was happening to the gravestones but the efforts the groundskeepers to maintain the cemetery and keep the area in good shape will continue.

Bunston hopes that in the future, they will be more thorough with their clean up and that they will start doing things with a little more caution.

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