Veterans from 1st Air Cavalry Division reunite


OSAGE, IA – Veterans from the Vietnam War are heading to Osage for the weekend.

Members from the 1st Air Cavalry Division will be honored all weekend at the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) location in Osage

For some this event is more of a reunion as host, Chuck Hackenmiller, told us many of the vets haven’t seen each other in more than 45 years.

This weekend long event happens all over the U.S. but is done a little differently in Osage than in other areas.

“It’s just a company sized event which is a little bit unusual,” said Hackenmiller. “A lot of time, they’re division sized and most people felt it was more personal to have it on a smaller scale.”

The event kicked off on Friday with a lunch, and a meet and greet, where items from their military experiences were on display for visitors to see.

Other activities, like live music and a dance at the VFW, will be taking place throughout the weekend.

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