Re-Fest returns to Austin


AUSTIN, MN – The Mower County Fairgrounds hosted the 6th annual Re-Fest on Saturday.

The main goal of this event is to encourage people to be eco-friendly and consider incorporating environmentally friendly things into their daily lives.

Kelly Lady, one of the sponsors for the Re-Fest event said that she likes this event because of how it educates everyone on the little things they can be doing to live a greener life.

“People don’t realize how many aspects the whole green living hits because you know it’s health, it’s transportation, it’s energy…there are so many areas that can be covered under that umbrella,” Lady said.

Doing things like buying locally, learning about how to recycle, and eating organic foods were some of the things that vendors talked about with people attending the event.

Re-Fest lasted all day Saturday and featured workshops, vendors selling their eco-friendly inventory and energy efficient tools, like solar panels, on display for people to learn more about.

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