Quotations of the day

“What caused this individual to kill so many innocent men and women? How did he carry out and plan this attack? How did he get access to the weapons? What could have been done to prevent this tragedy? And most importantly, whether anyone else aided or assisted him either wittingly or unwittingly in this tragedy?” — Ron Machen, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, listing some of the unanswered questions about Monday’s mass shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington.


“He (Kerry) said that the watchwords are not ‘trust but verify,’ they are ‘verify and verify.’ I think it reflects the fact that we’re dealing with a war zone, civil war under way, which makes it extremely difficult and we’re dealing with questionable allies in this effort. … It is a daunting task but it will serve the world well if we can do it and make this a safer world.” — Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., summing up Secretary of State John Kerry’s briefing to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on efforts to rid Syria of chemical weapons.


“In this case, the public image of our country was one of fleeing responsibility. Instead today, thanks to all your work and thanks to this concept of assuming responsibility” Italy’s reputation has been restored. — Premier Enrico Letta to Franco Gabrielli, the head of Italy’s civil protection agency, at a ceremony in Rome to mark the righting of the Costa Concordia.

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