Teen extreme binge drinking

Teen extreme binge drinking

KIMT News 3 – Connor Moorman is one observant teen.

While he’s more focused on hockey and other sports at Mason City High School, he’s not blind to what other students are doing.

“On the weekends I’ve noticed pictures and things like that Twitter, Instagram, and stuff like that hints that people may be drinking,” said Moorman.

And he’s not alone.

Many kids seem to be focused on activities like sports teams and their studies, but they’re also getting ready for homecoming celebrations, and the fun that goes with the event.

“It’s about kids having a great week of fun. Kids I think getting closer to each other their classmates, competition between classes. Culminating by a big ball game on Friday night and dance on Saturday evening,” said Forest City High School Principal Ken Baker.

While there is always the possibility that students may be consuming alcohol behind closed doors.

And according to a recent report, 1 in 10 U.S. high school seniors have engaged in some sort of extreme binge drinking.

So what does extreme mean?

It means that a student is drinking at least 10 drinks in a row.

That’s scary fact.

Principal Baker is making sure to do his best to prevent that from happening.

“I would say that’s a reality and it’s happening. It’s not that ForestCity is immune to that, we know it’s happening here but it’s not happening on our grounds and we have educational programs that are geared to help that,” said Baker.

Baker tells us he has students participate in a drinking prevention program provided by Prairie Ridge, but at the end of the day it’s up to the students to be smart all year-long.

“To make good choices think about the consequences. I think it sounds like they’d be an awful lot of fun lets go do that not really thinking about the consequences of that action might be,” said Baker.

“Obviously it’s not a good idea. I don’t really see the point in doing that when there’s a lot of better things you can be doing and really don’t want to risk your time in high school getting caught with any of that,” said Moorman.

Baker says on Saturday at the school dance, he along with law enforcement and other parents are present to make sure students are safe, that includes monitoring possible alcohol consumption.

But baker reinforces that high school should be about academics and other activities, not about who can drink the most.

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