MNSure launch date creeps closer


ROCHESTER, Minn. — Some health leaders are concerned about a fast-approaching deadline in Minnesota and a potential federal government shutdown.

The state is preparing for a new online health care marketplace known as “MNSure”.

Public health leaders in Olmsted County tell us that the state was behind in getting training aids out to the counties, which could be one of the many bumps some can expect on October first.

“We’re not going to have staff that is certified to do and use the system they are going to launch,” Director of Community Services Paul Fleissner said. “So, likely that means we will need to do paper applications. That’s troubling and concerning and will lead to bumps in the road when October 1st hits.”

MNSure is part of the federal ‘Affordable Care Act’.

Experts say an important part of its success is getting a lot of people to participate.

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