The nation’s weather

Weather Underground Forecast for Friday, September 20, 2013.

A strong cold front will continue to produce severe thunderstorms across the Midwest on Friday, while a separate cold front will bring showers and thunderstorms to the Pacific Northwest.

As a cold front moves away from the Rockies and into the Midwest, severe weather will be possible in the lower Great Lakes and Ohio Valley regions throughout Friday. This cold front will interact with strong southerly winds from the tropics, which will help initiate severe weather. Parts of Texas, including the Big Bend region, may also experience heavy rain as moisture from Tropical Cyclone Manuel will feed northeastward into the states.

A high pressure system moving off of the East Coast will keep conditions relatively dry for the Eastern Seaboard, although northern New England may experience spotty showers as a cold front moves along the U.S. Canada border. Southern Florida and parts of the Gulf Coast will also experience thunderstorms through much of Friday.

A high pressure system will dominate the Great Basin and parts of the Southwest on Friday, bringing more relief to flood zones in the central Rockies. Warm, clear conditions are expected for the four corners states and neighboring regions. A cold front will begin to move over the Pacific Northwest on Friday, bringing showers and thunderstorms to western Washington, Oregon, and northern California. Temperatures will drop 5 to 10 degrees as this cold front moves through the Pacific Northwest.


Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Thursday have ranged from a morning low of 21 degrees at Stanley, Idaho to a high of 97 degrees at Palm Springs, Calif.

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