River City celebrates its history

MASON CITY, Iowa – The River City Festival is back in Mason City.

All weekend, people across north Iowa will be coming to Mason City to go back in time and learn about how Mason City got its start.

The North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team hosted the 10th Annual ethnic lunch in Central Park on Friday afternoon.

The lunch featured foods from around the world to raise awareness about the many different ethnic groups that helped establish Mason City and still reside here today.

Executive Director of Main Street Mason City, Jodee O’Brien said that this particular event brings in more than just Mason City residents thanks to its many historical aspects.

“We get a lot more of the outlying communities that come to this because it is such a historical thing and it’s kind of cool and a lot of people don’t know that John Dillinger and his gang robbed the first national bank,” O’Brien said.

Many people don’t know about that historical event.

There will be performances throughout the day of the infamous John Dillinger robbery.

To learn more about the events going on this weekend visit their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/411934352188019/

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