Marion Ross’ shoes sell for $1,000

Marion Ross' Shoes

ALBERT LEA, Minn. — Just a few months ago, Marion Ross was visiting her hometown Albert Lea and now some of her wardrobe is back in southern Minnesota.

She has donated a pair of her shoes to be auctioned off in support of the Albert Lea Arts Center.

They were displayed at Wedgewood Cove Friday for an art center fundraiser.

The shoes were purchased by George Ehrhardt, who’s late wife Anne was very active in the theater.

He is donating the shoes to the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center where they will soon be displayed in the lobby.

“Dorothy can have red shoes, then Albert Lea can have Marion Ross’ black slippers and what the whole point is, is that everybody needs to hitchhike what Marion Ross said, we need to always make life better and put our best foot forward,” said Joyce Nixon with the Albert Lea Arts Center.

She said they do not know quite yet when the shoes will be at the theatre and ready to be displayed.

The money raised for the shoes will go to the art community.

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