The nation’s weather

Weather Underground Forecast for Tuesday, October 01, 2013.

Conditions will continue to improve on Tuesday for the Northwest corner of the U.S., while the majority of the Eastern Seaboard will experience dry conditions.

A cold front will move further inland on Tuesday, giving the Pacific Northwest a slight breather from heavy precipitation. Although the cold front boundary will stretch from central California, through the Great Basin and into the upper Plains, it is likely that an onshore flow will continue to provide light to moderate rain for the Pacific Northwest. Snow levels will drop in the Cascades and northern Rockies due to a cold air mass behind the cold front.

A ridge of high pressure will continue to build on Tuesday around the four corners states, ushering warm, mild conditions into the Southwest, the southern Great Basin, as well as parts of the southern and central Plains. Just to the east, though, a warm, moist air mass will push into the Gulf Coast states, leading to showers and thunderstorms from the Texas coast to Florida. Just to the north, a high pressure system will set up over the Carolinas, which will lead to cool, dry conditions along the majority of the East Coast. The exception to that will be parts of the Northeast, which may experience wet weather due to a low pressure system lingering off of the New England coast. Rain will likely impact the Great Lakes and neighboring regions through Tuesday.

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Monday have ranged from a morning low of 28 degrees at Grand Canyon, Ariz. to a high of 94 degrees at Pecos, Texas

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