Area lawmakers react to shutdown



KIMT News 3 – With the government shutdown impacting so many Americans, lawmakers from our area are sharing their thoughts on how we got to this point.

For the first time in 17 years, a compromise could not be met by both Republicans and Democrats leading to a government shutdown.

More than 800,000 workers are staying home as federal buildings around the country close.

Now lawmakers like Iowa Senator, Charles Grassley are speaking out on why they feel the government has made it to this point.

“When President Obama says he’s not going to come to the table and negotiate and Senator Reid, leader of the Democrats backs him up, you can’t really reach a compromise if people aren’t talking to each other,” said Grassley.

Democrats like Minnesota Senator Al Franken on the other hand say discussion is failing to take place due to extremists on both sides.

“There are a few ideologues in the House and a few ideologues in the Senate that stopped us all from having these negotiations and keeping the government open and doing the people’s business,” said Franken.

“The House Republicans have offered to sit down with Senate Democrats and work out a compromise but the Democrats refuse to come to the table,” said Grassley.

The new government fiscal year begins today and with neither side blinking, some feel it’s up to the American people to try to motivate their state lawmakers.

“I think the public has a lot to do with that. I think the American people have to say this is not acceptable. I think that will help. I think the reaction to this has to be strong. The stronger the reaction, the sooner we get back to the normal order of business,” said Franken.

With the furloughs of several thousand federal employees, some economists are estimating that the United States Government could lose more than 55 billion dollars for a three-to-four week shutdown.

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