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Weather Underground Forecast for Sunday, October 06, 2013.

A cold front boundary will bring strong to severe thunderstorms to the Ohio Valley on Sunday, and Tropical Storm Karen will continue to impact the Gulf Coast.

Wet weather is expected to persist in the Pacific Northwest as a cold front approaches the coast. Showers will move through Washington, Oregon, and the northwest tip of California throughout the day. Meanwhile, the majority of the Southwest and Great Basin will experience warm, dry conditions as a ridge of high pressure builds over Utah.

To the east, an extensive cold front boundary will stretch from southern Texas to the central Great Lakes. This frontal boundary is likely to produce strong to severe thunderstorms over the Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana on Sunday before moving further east. Flash flooding will also be possible in the three states. Showers are expected to occur in parts of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast.

Tropical Storm Karen will draw a lot of attention throughout Sunday, especially as it interacts with the previously mentioned cold front boundary. Karen is expected to move northeast through the Florida panhandle and into Mississippi and Georgia. Heavy rain and strong winds will accompany Karen, and flash flooding may occur depending on slowly Karen treks over the area. By the end of the day, strong upper level winds associated with the cold front boundary are expected to weaken Tropical Storm Karen. By the end of Sunday, Tropical Storm Karen should be downgraded to a tropical depression. For more information regarding the tropics, please visit

Temperatures in the Lower 48 states Saturday have ranged from a morning low of 8 degrees at Yellowstone, Wyo. to a high of 93 degrees at Corpus Christi, Texas

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