String of earthquakes rocks southern Mexico coast

ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) — A series of earthquakes rattled southern and central Mexico today, forcing the evacuation of dozens of villages that sit on hillsides loosened by a deadly tropical storm last month.

Officials say more than a dozen quakes centered along the coast of Guerrero state began this morning and continued for at least three hours, ranging in strength from barely perceptible to 5.2.

There are no reports of deaths or significant damage. But officials are evacuating 100 to 200 hamlets, most of less than 150 people, where the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Manuel left unstable slopes on surrounding hills.

One of the strongest of the day’s quakes set off seismic alarms in Mexico City. Its epicenter was near the hamlet of La Pintada, where dozens died in a massive mudslide on Sept. 16.

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