Truck ruins freshly poured roadway in eastern Iowa

ST. DONATUS, Iowa (AP) — Authorities say a truck owned by a concrete company drove over freshly poured concrete, causing up to $400,000 damage at a road project in eastern Iowa.

The incident occurred Friday night on the west side of St. Donatus (doh-NAY’-tuhs) in Jackson County. Deputy Steve Schroeder says charges are pending against the driver of the truck, which is owned by Perfection Concrete.

Schroeder says the road had barricades and large equipment parked at either end to keep out vehicles, but the man drove the truck around the barricades and went about a quarter mile on the wet concrete.

Schroeder says the roadwork is under contract with Horsfield Construction and hadn’t been turned over to the county as complete.

Representatives for Perfection Concrete didn’t return a call Tuesday from The Associated Press.

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