Grinnell awards $100,000 prize for social justice

GRINNELL, Iowa (AP) — Grinnell College has awarded a $100,000 prize to the founder of a group that supports refugee rights and the leaders of an organization that supports economic development efforts by women.

The private college announced Monday its annual Grinnell Prize would go to Emily Arnold-Fernandez, founder and executive director of Asylum Access, and Elizabeth Scharpf and Julian Ingabire Kayibanda, both leaders of Sustainable Health Enterprises.

Arnold-Fernandez’s organization helps refugees rebuild their lives through access to safety, legal work, education and the ability to make choices for themselves.

Scharpf founded Sustainable Health Enterprises, or SHE, which invests in overlooked ideas with a significant positive impact.

Kayibanda is chief operating officer of SHE Rwanda.

The prize, believed to be the largest honoring social justice, will be awarded Nov. 5 at Grinnell.

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