Court upholds conviction in Knoxville shooting

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The murder conviction of a Des Moines man convicted of shooting a Knoxville woman in January 2011 has been upheld by the Iowa Court of Appeals.

The court says there is ample proof Terry Cobbins murdered Teresa Miller.

Cobbins, who is 34, claims there was insufficient evidence for a jury to convict him and that his attorney was ineffective because he allowed evidence about a prior theft conviction to be admitted at his trial.

Prosecutors allege Cobbins was hired by Miller’s husband, Michael Miller of Knoxville to kill her because he wanted to be with another woman.

While the court upheld the conviction justices say in Thursday’s ruling Cobbins may raise the prior thefts issue in a separate appeal.

Michael Miller and Cobbins are serving life sentences.

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