Minn. lawmakers give taste of 2014 session bills

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Lawmakers itching to get their proposals in the pipeline have filed them ahead of the 2014 session.

A whopping 278 bills were introduced Monday, more than six weeks before the Legislature convenes. The early introduction period is now closed, but committees can start looking over the bills without taking action on them.

The pre-filed bills give a taste of what’s in store. Many deal with repealing or modifying taxes. Several advocate for public works projects. Some would address problems with the state’s health insurance marketplace. Others seek to regulate consumer interactions, such as Sunday liquor sales, Internet-based lottery tickets and e-cigarettes.

The introduction deadline applied to the House only. The Senate won’t start accepting early bills until mid-February. This is supposed to be a short session, concluding by mid-May.

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