Another arrest warrant for a man accused of stabbing 2 people

Donald Baker

Donald Baker pled guilty to assault causing serious injury in connection to the incident last June outside an apartment building.

He was scheduled to receive his sentence today but failed to show up in court.

Donald Baker’s sentencing trial was scheduled to start at 10 a.m. but his defense attorney got a call from him right after 10:00 saying he would be about an hour late.

After postponing the hearing and waiting more nearly four hours, Baker never showed up.

I spoke with his attorney off camera and he said he spoke with Baker’s mother who reassured that he was in route to the courthouse.

The hearing went on without baker and the county attorney expressed the states frustration with the situation.

The judge then issued a warrant for Bakers arrest and explained that he will be held without bond saying it’s necessary to assure he shows up to his next hearing.

Just to note this is not the first time baker has left the court waiting.

Back in October he failed to show up for a plea change hearing.

As of now a new hearing is not set, the judge says he would wait for baker to be arrested to schedule the sentencing.

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