Mason City ranked among internationally known neighborhoods

There is no denying that north Iowa has many things to offer, and one local downtown is being recognized on an international level for all of its amenities.

Steven VanSteenhuyse was the man who worked on the application to have the area recognized by the American Planning Association.

“We nominated downtown Mason City as a great neighborhood and it was designated as such.”

Now that Mason City is on the map, well, the map of places to visit that is, local businesses say this can only mean good things for their future.

The State Street Deli is one of the newer businesses in town, sitting in their location for only two years but this recognition not only brings big smiles to city leaders faces, but big dreams for business owners like John Nardi.

“Hopefully, as Mason city continues to grow, downtown is going to attract a lot more nighttime attractions down here so that will be able to grow our business into the evenings.”

Expanding the downtown area is something that has been in the works for years and for some businesses, it’s the reason they exist and succeed the way they do.

Steve Noto is the President of the Historic Park Inn and says that this achievement will help bring a lot of interest to town.

“January is usually pretty slow,” Noto said, “but we’ve got a group of 80 folks coming in tomorrow, and another group the next night, we’re about out of rooms during the middle of the week so, that’s nice to have to.”

Mason City joins places on the list like San Francisco’s Chinatown, Boston’s Back Bay, Pike Street Market in Seattle and other major places that well known internationally.

This recognition has given city officials and leaders motivation to continue to expand the area and they’re looking forward to the potential the area has.

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