Nature center in need of volunteers

Cross country skis at Mitchell County Conservation Board

With snow in the forecast yet again, it seems winter enthusiasts are having a field day and the Mitchell County Conservation Board has been welcoming people to their grounds all season for some snowy fun.

Cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and ice skating are just a couple of things they have ready to go, but conservation officials say that they are in need of some volunteers.

Naturalist Chelsea Ewen at the Mitchell County Conservation Board says that helping out on weekends will help give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

“I think it’s fun just to see people out trying new things,” she said, “whether it’s sledding on the sledding hill or trying cross country skiing for the first time, it’s just nice being out and about and enjoying the outdoors in the winter.”

Volunteers are needed for handing out skis over the weekends and training for nature center operations and ski usage will be available to anyone interested in helping out.

Ewen says that visitors can ski or snowshoe on trails that take you to parts of the county that you wouldn’t normally get to experience.

“Whether you’re hiking or snow shoeing, or cross country skiing, it’s nice to go down by the river and to hear the birds, see the wildlife, and look for the tracks and things in the snow.”

Volunteers are needed on Saturdays and Sundays for just a couple of hours and anyone interested is asked to contact Naturalist Chelsea Ewen at 641-330-0765 or 641-732-5204.

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