North Iowa natives on campus during Purdue shooting

MASON CITY, Iowa – One person is dead, and one person is in custody following a school shooting on the campus of Purdue University in Indiana.

The school went into lockdown but police have since said there’s no ongoing threat to students.

Needless to say it was a scary situation and one that hit extremely close to home for a north Iowa family.

Scott Tornquist is a Mason City City Council Member and also happens to have two sons who attend Purdue.

“If I hear there had been a shooting at Purdue he just wanted to let me know that he was okay.”

Tornquist received these text messages from his sons letting him know that there was a shooting at their school. His two sons, Mason City natives Nathan and Matt we’re okay.

“As a parent you have that initial relief that everything’s okay and then you go through the stress of the what if’s, Nathan my oldest son was actually in the building that the shooting occurred at the time the shooting occurred.”

KIMT News 3 spoke with Nathan Tornquist after he was evacuated from the Electrical Engineering Building, after what students thought were just fire alarms at first.

“In the whole “Double E” building, the sirens went off, it was scary because I just received a message that there was a shooting not that it was just a fire,” recounts Nathan Tornquist.

The school sent out emergency alerts to students so they were informed with what was going on and when the threat was over.

Within 2 hours, Purdue officials encouraged students to resume normal operations – and that’s just what Nathan did.

At the time of the shooting Scott’s other son Matt was in an adjacent building and was evacuated as well.

Tornquist says it was a stressful afternoon and is just glad his sons are safe.

“The person that’s in custody walked into a classroom with students and so it’s awful what happened but it could have been much, much worse.”

The Purdue Police Chief John Cox says the shooter appeared to have targeted the victim and didn’t attack anyone else.

The suspect gave himself up to police outside of the building.

there will be no classes at Purdue tomorrow.

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