Trout in schools program

Students in Charles City Middle School

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – Charles City Middle School’s 7th graders aren’t looking at any aquarium on a field trip Wednesday afternoon; they’re right inside their classroom.

“I was kind of nervous because she told us we were going to have to feed them, learn about them, I’m not going to do well at this,” said Ruby Peterson.

But it seems so far, they haven’t had to do much.

They’re participating in the Trout in Schools program.

The trout were brought in as eggs, and have just recently hatched.

“So far it’s been really cool because just coming in here and looking at all of them just wiggling around,” said Peterson.

And that’s exactly what their teacher, Amanda Rahmiller, was hoping for.

“To see them come in here and just get so excited around the tank and especially on Monday, Tuesday when they hatched they saw all the heads wiggling around and stuff just excitement,” said Rahmiller.

Rahmiller says the project now has other teachers fishing for ways to tie in their teaching materials to the program.

The science teacher will have the students do water sampling, and the English teacher has the kids reading more about wells.

Rahmiller is the geography teacher, so she’s in charge of the lesson on the land.

“Very unique these students don’t really know much about trout in general. Its kind of, I’m a fly fisherman and my husband is a fly fisherman. It seems to get them hooked onto those passions outdoors,” said Rahmiller.

But as hooked as these kids might get on the fish they’re growing to love, in just five months, they’ll have to release them to the great outdoors.

“I’m going to be sad because I’m going to miss them,” said Peterson.

Rahmiller says the eggs were donated by the DNR fish hatchery in Decorah.

She says when they release the fish in May, the kids will also be spending that day fishing and doing other outdoor activities.

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