Floyd County Community Foundation issues grants

Community Foundation of Northwest Iowa

CHARLES CITY, Iowa – Here’s a stat that might surprise you.

More than a dozen counties in Iowa have casinos.

Typically those counties benefit financially from sharing in the profits.

That can leave other counties at a bit of a disadvantage, but some are finding ways to spread out funds like casinos do, by raising the money in a different way.

That’s where the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa steps in.

Pastor Debra Lincoln at the Messiah’s Food Pantry,  is a person who loves to help others, especially those in need.

Within FloydCounty she says more than 900 people have been visiting the food pantry a month.

And on Wednesday, the Floyd County Community Foundation awarded her organization 17,000 dollars.

“It’s a relief. This is, I believe, the fourth year in a row that we’ve received monies through the Floyd County Foundation, it’s a huge foundation block for us,” said Debra.

And that’s the goal Marcie Andrews, a Development Associate for Floyd County Foundation, says they are striving for.

“Wonderful, you can’t imagine the feeling when I go to the award ceremony and I’m able to give these out to these people. If we weren’t able to give them grants, I don’t know where they would get the money,” said Andrews.

Andrews says thirty non profit organizations received grant money this year.

Each organization ranged in categories from community betterment, human services, to art and culture.

She says her favorite part of her job is when she gets to catch up with each organization later on.

“They’re busy telling us how’d they’re going to us it, the fun part of my job is I get to go to those agencies after they’ve used the grant money and I can see it put to good us,” said Andrews.

For Debra, she can’t stress enough that the money is needed.

“That it’s important to give to programs such as this, to help who are less fortunate,” said Debra.

Andrews says every August through September, folks can apply for their organization to receive a grant.

Then in November, a panel will choose the recipients.

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