A fresh start

Kiester Market
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK0h2-gSV5w]

KIESTER, Minnesota – The Kiester grocery store is back open for business.

The shelves are stocked, the fresh cut meat is chilled, and the friendly faces are coming in.

“So I called Don Nickel up at the bank and asked him what was going on. He told me what was going on, asked me if I’d be interested coming aboard and I told him I’m a consultant most the time.  He asked me if I was interested, I said yes, the rest is history,” said Jim Durfee.

Jim says, at first, he was looking to invest in a grocery store in another community, but Mayor Jeanne Brooks of Kiester, helped change his mind.

Now Jim is the General Manager of Kiester Market, and loving it.

“People come in and they talk to you about stuff that’d you never believe. You know this is theirs,” said Jim.

And that’s exactly what Mayor Brooks is proud of as well.

“There was a marketing group of different people that put everything together and went around and actually got the community to donate,” said Brooks.

This means that everyone who donated money has a bit of ownership in this new and improved store.

Well you may be wondering how well this store is even doing.

After talking to folks they said a shelf of milk was completely stocked around seven Friday morning, and by Friday afternoon it was almost empty.

“I’m so happy this is a public service, a community service,” said Brooks.

For Jim, he hopes the store will be open for years to come, with many more memories.

“They love having a store to shop. We had the coffee pot on and cookies. It was kind of a little social gathering in town,” said Jim.

Mayor Brooks says more than four townships are currently using this grocery store.

The store officially re-opened on Tuesday.

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