Kathlynn’s Hope moves through house subcommittee


After clearing its first huddle, legislation with local ties is moving through the Iowa legislature.

As we reported Thursday, Kathlynn’s Hope moved through a house subcommittee.

It’s aimed to increase the punishment for kidnapping if the victim is 15 or younger.

The legislation responds to the death of 15-year-old Kathlynn Shepard, who is believed to have been killed by registered sex offender, and north Iowa native Michael Klunder.

Klunder’s 41-year prison term was cut in half under Iowa law.

Local lawmakers say the potential law is a good one for the state.

“I’m very confidant the Senate and the House will work together to get a bill that fits this type of offense and works and doesn’t go over board, does what it needs to do,” says State Rep. Sharon Steckman.

Before police could question Klunder about the kidnapping, he killed himself.

The bill’s next stop will be a full house committee.

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