Liquid propane shortage continues


It’s an issue we’ve been reporting on all week and it seems that the propane shortage has only gotten worse.

We’re looking at how some homeowners are struggling to heat their homes with the price of the liquid propane nearing 5 dollars per gallon.

For many folks it’s hard enough paying more than 4 dollars per gallon for LP to heat their homes.

“It’s getting pretty costly pretty quick.”

But for Myron Friesen the price spike of liquid propane is costing him thousands.

“On some of our hog facilities especially when we’re getting in new pigs right now, we’re probably using 1,000 gallons a day. The difference between very simply two dollars and four dollars is a couple thousand a day,” says Friesen.

Friesen operates several hog confinements, he booked his LP supply months ago but now, it’s long gone.

“We went through most of that with corn drying, left us with a lot less to use for our hog facilities. And so now we’re back to the open market,” says Friesen.

So now he is paying the higher prices.

We checked in with a LP supplier in north Iowa who said Friday, the price is close to $4.50 a gallon, which is out of many people price range.

With that in mind local fire departments are warning folks to think twice before switching to unconventional heating methods to warm their homes.

“These things are going to give off large amounts of carbon monoxide so this in that respect, the stove is a very poor choice,” says Captain Mark Light with the Albert Lea Fire Department.

He says which ever method you use, the most important thing is that your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working.

“They need to be there anyway but especially if you’re using anything supplemental or any kind of heating equipment,” he says.

Law makers are working to get this problem resolved.

Friday two state representatives announced they are filing an emergency bill next week to provide an additional $1 million to help Iowans struggling to pay for the huge increase in LP costs.

We’ll hear from one of those law makers tomorrow on KIMT News 3 Saturday.

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