No longer over-qualified


A study on the wages college graduates make is showing some startling numbers.

Finding a job after school is probably one of the toughest tasks a college graduate will ever do and to add to that stress, statistics show that getting a four-year degree, does not always mean landing a job.

Lana Lafrenz of Kelly Services says the statistics are even worse than once thought.

“What we are seeing is that easily over 40 percent of the available candidates or the unemployed have bachelor’s degrees,” said Lafrenz.

In areas like north Iowa where industry and health services dominate the job market, its skills like these that employers are searching for and area colleges are providing.

“Our stress to them and what’s important to them is that they’re gaining skills while they’re here. They’re not just taking classes because when it comes to the workplace, many times it’s the skills that they get paid extra for,” said Rachel McGuire, Director of Admissions for North Iowa Area Community College.

As Admissions Director for North Iowa Area Community College, McGuire says students are  narrowing their college decisions to focus more on careers instead of just taking classes, to get a degree.

“These people are going out looking for jobs they have to be not only educated in the fields they are going into but know the job market and know what the future trends are and that’s something probably the people really haven’t talked about much. Now we know what can happen with the bad economy and people need to become smarter consumers when it comes to education,” said McGuire.

For past graduates, there is still room for something new. According to Lana, many are already willing to adapt to make the salary they deserve.

“They want to be able to take care of their families and if that means that they have to wear a different hat you know what and transfer some skills and some of their talents into different industry, a different way of life in order to make that happen, they’re willing to,” said Lafrenz.

In 2013, 70 percent of job seekers within a 50 mile radius of Mason City had some sort of degree.

For a complete list of Iowa and Minnesota job projections, visit the link below:

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