Rep. Walz stops by Longfellow to read

Rep. Walz Reading


ROCHESTER, Minn. — Some in southern Minnesota got into some comfy clothes and sat down with a book Friday.

Those at Longfellow Elementary had a pajama day and read all day with the goal of reaching 10,000 pages read.

All week they have been holding a book drive to try and collect 500 donated books for kids.

To wrap things up this week U.S. Rep. Tim Walz stopped by to read some Dr. Seuss.

“I think it’s important, both as a parent, as an educator and as a representative to convey to these students how much we’re looking for them for leadership. I mean, they’re the future, so I think it’s important to be here with the community,” Walz said.

He said it is great to be able to show kids that iPads and other tablets are great to use for reading as well.

“It’s just a different means of delivering it and I think the one thing we see is the short, from one things to the next or what other, but to try and show how you get into a book or how you get into a story how exciting that is and that’s what these kids are getting,” Walz said.

He said stopping by is a great way to show kids the importance of reading and education.

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