Cold delays lesson plans


MASON CITY, Iowa – It’s a bittersweet feeling for students with the day off from school who have to play catch up.

According to administrators at Mason City High School, teachers are preparing to adjust their lesson plans to keep up with days lost.

While those days will be made up in June, students, teachers and administrators say breaking the routine makes it hard to get back in the learning mindset.

“It breaks the routine. Teachers, students. So it’s about getting back into the school mode and taking a little bit of time to adjust and be flexible with that to get the focus. I think that’s where if you were to ask teachers, they want to at school right now,” said Principal Dan Long, Mason City High School.

Some schools in the state are looking to change how they record their time in school so they can avoid having to make up so many days at the end of the year.

They want to switch from recording time in school from days to hours.

“They look at, does this have any sort of implications as to where they’re at with the students in their learning? So they may have to do some re-adjusting to make sure that they can get back to the focus. They have a few days off and so how do you bring everybody back in,” said Long.

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