Olmsted Medical Center shows off new location

Spring Valley OMC
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba-IyyCBDp4]

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. — A new year and a new place to call home. That is the story of one branch of the Olmsted Medical Center .

Workers are kicking off 2014 in a brand new, state-of-the-art facility and the move is coming at the perfect time.

It has been two weeks now that patients and staff have been moved into their new home, but there is still that new building smell.

“It’s lovely having more space and it’s very beneficial for the patients. It’s easier to navigate for the patients,” said Nurse Supervisor Pat Bisbee.

The new facility features 14 patient rooms. Twelve are exam rooms and two are procedure rooms, plus an x-ray room. It is all using the newest technology.

“We have all new radiology equipment. We also offer Telehealth for our patients and cardiology outreach, they come here twice a month and they also do echocardiograms here,” Bisbee said.

All of this is great news for the patients who use the clinic, including those at Spring Valley Senior Living (SVSL) who share the building with OMC.

“It’s worked well with the residents, especially with the temperatures we’ve had outside in the last few weeks. They get a chance to go right to the clinic through the link. We have it set up so that they have an escort to the link and the clinic picks them up from there. So I mean that right there is huge,” said Penny Solberg, President and CEO of SVSL.

Not to mention what it means for the staff.

“We share information back and forth obviously and then Dr. Harder is our medical director, so of course he’s got a little bit easier chance to just buzz over and check on things,” Solberg said.

Even though there is a good connection between the facilities, there is still privacy for the patients.

“The whole sound within the rooms, they are much more soundproof then what they were at the older building. We’re more spread out so that allows for more privacy as well,” Bisbee said.

The Olmsted Medical Center is not slowing down. In fact, they recently added another location in Cannon Falls. That brings the number of branches to ten.

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