Staying active in bitter cold


MASON CITY, Iowa – We worry about kids trying to be active, but when they don’t have school, parents take to alternative child care programs.

Places like the Mason City YMCA offer a child care program to help kids stay active while out of school.

Organizers say when kids stay home from school, they’re more likely to make unhealthy choices and be stationary all day.

Those at the YMCA say it’s a win-win for parents and their kids.

“They get to run around in the gym, they get to swim in the pool, they get to just do all sorts of fun things instead of just sitting and playing video games and it’s so important,” said Megan Bedford, Childcare Coordinator with the Mason City YMCA.

It’s not just kids reaping the benefits, parents like Cathy Jacobs know the importance of making healthy choices for her family and says this is one of them.

“Healthy choices are really big  in our family. We like to be active, we like to participate in activities. We have high energy kids that need the outlet, so this is an excellent place for them,” said Jacobs.

By teaching these healthy habits to these kids, organizers say they hope the influence can also rub off on their parents.

“We advocate that to our kids, we try and model that for our kids at home. Hopefully they will carry that out and can live a healthy long life,” said Jacobs.

If getting out of the house is just not on the family agenda, then experts say simple tasks like cleaning the house can be made into a game and can keep kids on the go.

Not to mention, you finish with a clean home.

Snow storms are accounting for a number of school and business closings around the country.

There’s no word yet on the economic cost of all the current cold snap, but our last round earlier this month was estimated to cost the country about five-billion dollars in lost revenue, and canceled flights.

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