Addressing the country


KIMT News 3 – It’s the fifth of his roller coaster run as president, but political experts say this could be President Obama’s most crucial State of the Union Addresses.

With President Obama’s approval rating hovering at 40 percent, many political experts see tonight’s speech as a way to get things back on the right track.

Political analyst John Schmaltz says he’s tuned into a number of these addresses and says it’s no surprise how politically driven these statements have become.

“The State of the Union has become more of a political event. Particularly when you have divided government because you’re gonna have President Obama give his view of what the state of the union is and what the agenda should be and then you’re gonna have the Republican response to it,” said Schmaltz.

Despite a full agenda, everything from a minimum wage increase to healthcare coverage, Schmaltz believes folks are no longer interested.

“What maybe sometimes is said as far as setting an agenda whether by a Republican or Democratic president, a lot of people feel disconnected to it. I think that is the general feeling, that a lot of people have,” said Schmaltz.

When asked about if they plan on watching tonight, these students all seem to agree.

“I have no clue, it doesn’t sound very appealing to me, so I probably wouldn’t watch it no matter what,” said Lauren Parcher, Sophomore at North Iowa Area Community College.

“I don’t plan on watching it, I never really have expressed a whole lot of interest in politics at all I guess,” said Grant Greenzweig, Sophomore at NIACC.

“Some of my cousins kind of keep in contact and post stuff on Facebook. Social media for sure. On local news sometimes I’ll watch it. That’s pretty much it,” said Josh Saltou, Sophomore at NIACC.

According to Schmaltz, there is one way for the US Government and President Obama to gain ground with voters.

“The three most important words in the legislative process are compromise, compromise, compromise. The word compromise shouldn’t be a dirty word. That’s part of the give and take in Democracy. A lot of times change is slow, but you have to build on it,” said Schmaltz.

2014 is an election year for the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Republicans need to gain six seats this November to gain control of the Senate which according to experts, could make for more contention for President Obama.

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