New implantable birth control option now available in north Iowa


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A north Iowa hospital is now one of the few places in our area with physicians certified to administer a new kind of implantable birth control.

It’s called Nexplanon, the device in implanted under the skin of the upper arm.

It can only be implanted by certified physicians and Hancock County Heath Systems is one of the few places in north Iowa that can administer it.

“Good candidates for the Nexplanon are women who want a long term birth control option, maybe someone who doesn’t remember to take a birth control pill everyday or doesn’t want to have to worry about birth control regularly. It’s also good for women who don’t tolerate estrogen type birth controls,” says Jamie Brantner, PA-C.

The birth control option is estrogen-free and is good for three years.

The implantation procedure is done using a needle and is performed in the clinic.

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