Remembering two sisters

GHV honors Tiffany and Chyann Banta

GARNER, Iowa – Colors can be symbolic and Tuesday night there was one in the stands of a local basketball game that represented two young lives, gone too soon.

The color of lime green is being worn to honor two sisters, 15 year old Chyann and 19 year old Tiffany Banta, who died this weekend in a crash near Crystal Lake.

According to High School Principal Jim Haag, both girls were very active when it came to attending sports activities.

“This is a tremendous loss for us. Both of these young ladies were active supports and really enjoyed being a part of our student body and I think the two young ladies are going to be dearly missed,” said Haag.

Haag says Tuesday students showed up to school wearing the color lime green.

He says he’s happy to see his students coming together during this hard time.

“Very proud of our student body. Today was a difficult day, but I’m extremely proud of our students and staff and the crisis team we had on hand today did an outstanding job,” said Haag.

During the game, those attending took the time to do a moment of silence to honor Tiffany and Chyann.

“And I think the thing that our community understands here is when we have difficult situations, tragedies in our school, they rally around us and we appreciate the support we’ve received as a school,” said Haag.

The funeral service for the girls will be held Saturday at 1pm at the Garner Hayfield/Ventura High School auditorium.

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