Winter conditions impacting roadways

Bad roads because of bad weather

MASON CITY, Iowa – Officials with the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) says that we still have a good supply of salt and sand for the roads going into the second half of winter, which after the first half, is hard to believe.

More sand and more salt means more damage for our roads, that are already beginning to buckle and show signs of slight deterioration.

None of this is out of the ordinary for this time of year according to field services coordinator Pete Hjelmstad with the DOT.

“So far we haven’t seen many of the potholes come up and stuff like that, that’s more towards the spring when you get more of those freeze thaw cycles,” he said, “so I guess, fortunately or unfortunately, we haven’t seen much thawing at this point in the winter.”

The little thaws we have seen here and there have caused some of the roads to get a little bumpier than expected.

Hjelmstad says he encourages drivers to call in and report particularly bad areas so they can get out and fix those spots.

As snow will continue to make its way through our area for the next few months, snow plow drivers are asking other motorists to drive cautiously around them while they work to clear out the roadways.

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