Farm bill passes in the House


KIMT News 3 – A new farm bill has been signed, sealed and delivered in at least through one chamber.

This morning, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the nearly trillion dollar farm bill with a vote of 251 to 166.

The new legislation was a compromised bi-partisan agreement edited and drawn up by House representatives and it is designed to provide relief for any seasonal issues farmers may encounter.

Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley (D) says he is happy with the turn out from this morning and sees the as the best possible compromise.

“Even though there are parts of the bill that many people were frustrated or disappointed with,” Braley said, “the overall message is that we are charting a course for the future of farmers and agribusinesses in the United States for the next five years, and that’s a good thing.”

However, not every congressman from the Hawkeye state was as happy with the outcomes from today.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R) worked on amendments for the bill and says that the outcome from this morning was not what he had envisioned for the five-year plan.

“It basically got gutted,” Grassley said, “so the $387 million that my amendment would save, won’t be saved, and that’s one of the biggest disappointments I have.”

The legislation will continue to subsidize crops for farmers and will also aid in insurance.

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