Local school seeks security changes

School hallway
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lQ8eNie3Xg]

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – A local school is re-evaluating their current safety measures, to make sure their students are kept safe, and there are plenty of ideas to go around, on how to make that happen.

Those on the Clear Lake School Board are looking for ways to increase safety throughout the three different school buildings.

Some of the ideas include having an officer on campus.

Chris Murphy, Principal of Clear Lake High School, says it’s important that these changes are made.

“Where to place cameras, what doors should have keyless entry what doors just need to be locked,” said Murphy.

Murphy says they are still in the preliminary stages of planning.

He says another idea they’re looking into is having all the students at the high school park in one lot.

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