Lucky to be Ok

Damage done to Mason City's Salvation Army van

KIMT News 3 – For Mona Meade, this past Sunday night was supposed to be a typical drive back home from a fun retreat.

She, along with Mason City’s Salvation Army Major Vickie Cole, and four kids were driving home from Omaha.

“And then all of a sudden we got down the road farther past Dows, the cars and vehicles ahead of us were slowing down so we slowed down and then all of a sudden we just got hit,” said Mona.

The car accident happened near mile marker 167 along Interstate 35 where Mona and those in her car slowed down in the vehicle due to the zero visibility weather Sunday evening, but then they felt a dramatic push.

“The kids were hysterical we were trying to keep the kids calm but it was, we had one girl that kept going out unconscious,” said Mona.

Their car was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer.

When their van stopped, they found themselves in the median ditch.

State Trooper Ryan Bergmann says once he saw that, a lot of things were rushing through his mind.

“A lot of emotion goes through someone when they see stuff like that, you just, you really think and are there for the people that are injured. You want to help them out the best you can,” said Bergmann.

Trooper Bergmann wasn’t the only one helping on scene.

A man driving a semi with Hy-Vee, pulled over heading the opposite direction, and rushed over to help those in the car.

He dispatched for help through his radio, and tried to calm everyone down.

“Critical, and very heroic. Shows a lot about that guy’s personality and character to exit his vehicle and go out in those weather conditions to make sure everybody was safe,” said Bergmann.

Mona couldn’t agree more.

She’s just thankful that someone out there was looking out for them.

“Just for the girls to be safe, that everybody be safe,” said Mona.

Mona says everyone is out of the hospital at this time.

Just a little bumps and bruises left to show what happened.

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