Making medication affordable


BRITT, Iowa – With the high cost of medical expenses, local north Iowa pharmacies are doing what they to be more cost-friendly.

Hancock County Health System is partnering with Elizabeth’s Pharmacy in Britt and Clear Lake Pharmacy to provide discounted prescription drugs to low-income families.

It’s part of the federal government’s 340B program created to expand access to affordable medications.

Discounts are expected to be as much as 60 percent below retail prices.

“The benefit was definitely there if we were able to offer the programs. So we just felt like there was definitely the need and the desire to do it for our patients,” said Vance Jackson, Administrator for HCHS.

Despite the need, according to Jackson, a number of hospitals across the u-s say the program is too complex to carry out themselves.

“When you talk to our providers in the clinic, one of their biggest frustrations is when they prescribe medications to patients but they know the patient can’t afford the medication. So it really came down to our providers who felt like this was something that was critically important,” said Jackson.

This discount only applies to patients of Hancock County Health System patients.

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